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Digital battery NP-170

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Digital battery NP-170
  • Digital battery NP-170
  • Digital battery NP-170
  • Digital battery NP-170

Model: NP170
Battery type: lithium battery
Voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 1700 mAh
Applicable camera model: Ouda V30W Q7 HDV-Z35 HDV-Z35W Z70 Z60 Z37 D370 V30 D395

TEL:0086 13823529155

Compatible with micro batteries such as Depth Laicolor camera Merlot and other camera batteries such as NP170, CB-170

Compatible with applicable models:

Depu HDV-S590

Laicai HD-A180 Laicai HD-A230

Shoot Merlot HD-180A Shoot Merlot HD-230A

Friendly reminder: We also have special batteries for cameras such as NP-120, NP-60, NP-40, NP-140, CB-170. Suitable for Ouda / Takura / Camera / Lai Cai / micron cameras.

[Many models are not listed one by one, please check the original configuration by yourself]

Battery introduction:

1.Built-in imported A-class large-capacity and high-quality batteries ensure high-quality power, long life, advanced technology, reliable quality, and long working hours.

2. Built-in PCM intelligent battery protection circuit, with quadruple protection function against overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent (short circuit) and overheating.

3. Adopt SMT lead-free technology, meet environmental protection requirements.

4. It can complete the charging process quickly, no memory effect at all, convenient and fast. New decoding! Display power! 100% compatible!

Charging time description:

Normal charging time is approximately equal to: battery capacity mAh ÷ charging current (600mAh for this charger) × factor 1.2 = charging hours

The charging time varies according to the battery capacity. After the charger's CHARGE indicator turns red to green, it indicates that normal charging is complete.

This charger can micro-charge the battery for 1 hour after the normal charging is completed to make the battery fully charged. Full charging can allow you to use the battery for a longer time than under normal charging.

Even if the battery is not fully charged, you can remove the battery from the charger at any time when you need to use the battery


Do not disassemble the battery pack at will.

Please fully charge the battery before use.

A bad charger will damage the battery, please use this brand charger or the original charger to charge.

Do not store the battery in a high temperature environment above 45 degrees. If it is thrown into a fire, it may cause the battery to explode.

Do not expose the battery to moisture or water.

Do not apply external force to the battery or drop it from a high place.

Do not mix batteries with metal objects such as keychains, coins, etc. to avoid short circuits.

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