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18650 battery

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18650 battery
  • 18650 battery
  • 18650 battery

Complete battery model, 08350, 08570, 08600, 10130, 10180, 10220, 14250, 10440, 14430, 14500, 16340, 17500, 18490, 18500, 18650, 18675, 22650, 26650, 32600, 32650, 32900, 38120, 32675 , 42110, 42120, etc.

TEL:0086 13823529155

Shenzhen Chaofutong Industrial Development Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D and production of various ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and polymer batteries, which are widely used in products.

Can be customized according to customer requirements for a variety of 3V-100V 0.1AH-500AH various battery packs. Products are mainly used in toy car batteries, aerospace model batteries, medical equipment power supplies, electric wheelchair batteries, electric bicycle batteries, robot batteries, drone batteries, solar street light batteries, mobile power batteries, laser beauty instrument batteries, electric shaver batteries, Electric toothbrush batteries, e-cigarette batteries, and other fields have a wide range of uses, strong research and development strength, and a lot of industry resources. Welcome to visit and guide for cooperation.

All kinds of batteries, quality commitment, quality first, the price is reasonable.

Product advantages

1. Featured A-class lithium ion battery with high capacity, high capacity, low internal resistance, high current discharge, no memory effect, can be charged and discharged at any time.

2. Stable performance and long cycle life. After 500 times of continuous charge and discharge, the battery capacity is not less than 85% of the rated capacity, and the capacity retention rate of 800 cycles is 60% -70%.

3. The original solution is adopted. The design of high intelligent protection circuit prevents the battery from being overcharged, over-discharged, overheated and short-circuited. After the battery is short-circuited, the PTC internal safety switch will automatically open. It will automatically open to prevent explosion.

4. It does not contain mercury, aluminum, and other harmful substances. UN38.3, MSDS, shipping report, air transport report, 1.2 meters drop test report, certification fully meets the environmental protection requirements of European and American markets. Product Usage

Suitable for mobile power, amplifier, notebook computer, digital camera, walkie-talkie, portable VCD / DVD, IC card terminal, electronic door lock, electric toy, emergency lighting, alarm system, medical equipment, sports equipment, photographic equipment, communication equipment , All kinds of instruments and meters.

INR18650 / 1800mAh / 2000mAh / 2200mAH / 2600mAh / 3000mAH, Bluetooth Speaker Battery / Mini Fan Battery / Mosquito Shot Battery, 1800-3000mAh, available from stock, welcome to consult and buy!

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