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18650 digital battery uses and advantages

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The use and advantages of 18650 digital battery, 18650 means 18 mm in diameter and 65 mm in length. The size of the 5th battery is 14,500, with a diameter of 14 mm and a length of 50 mm. Generally, 18650 batteries are used more in industry, and rarely used in civilians. Common ones are also used in laptop batteries and high-end flashlights.

18650 is just the size of the battery. It can be divided into 18650 lithium ion, 18650 lithium iron phosphate, 18650 nickel hydride (rarely), and common 18650 is lithium ion.

18650 battery life theory for 1000 cycles of charging. Due to the large capacity per unit density, most of them are used in notebook computer batteries. In addition to 18650 lithium batteries, 18650 has a very good stability in work. It is widely used in major electronic fields: it is often used in high-end glare. Flashlights, portable power supplies, wireless data transmitters, electric thermal clothing, shoes, portable instruments and meters, portable lighting equipment, portable printers, industrial instruments, medical instruments, etc.

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