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2019-12-30 Chaofutong——Several reasons affecting the cycling performance of lithium batteries

Everyone in the lithium-ion industry must consider the cycle performance of lithium-ion batteries. A longer cycle life means less resource consumption


2019-12-30 Causes and precautions of battery fire

At present, various types of consumer electronics, mobile power and new energy vehicles represented by mobile phones have adopted lithium battery devices. Lithium batteries are the development direction of new energy in the future. Recently


2019-12-30 Liquid lithium-ion batteries vs. polymer lithium-ion batteries

People often hear about mobile lithium batteries, but how do you classify them? In fact, in the field of electronic products, lithium batteries are usually liquid lithium-ion batteries and polymer lithium-ion batteries.


2019-12-30 What are the electrode materials for polymer lithium batteries?

What are the electrode materials for polymer lithium batteries? The electrode materials are divided into positive electrode materials and negative electrode materials.


2019-12-30 How to protect the digital device battery when traveling?

How do I protect the battery of digital equipment when traveling? As long as three aspects are done, they are to put the electronic equipment in a backpack, avoid charging in an unsafe environment


2019-12-30 Mobile phone battery maintenance method introduction

Pay attention to the environment in which the battery is placed: avoid contact with metal materials and place in a comfortable and dry environment;


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